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Bondage and Discipline

Bondage and discipline is a practice that is commonly refers as B & D. Bondage consists of prevention of one partner from moving. In other words it is the use of any sort of restraint which may include the tying up with the use of a cinch, rope, or chains, in simple or complex position to limit or stop movement.

The aim is to create a reaction from the brain to relax, emitting alpha waves and all of which creating a pleasant hypnotic state. This is what happens when one is being tied up.

The practice of bondage by swingers is great advantage because swinging can involve one or more partner, hence it can offer:

  • Greater submission
  • Real or simulated to pleasure one other
  • Reduces inhibitions
  • Relieves the feeling of guilt for those with a strict upbringing

Many are frightened by bondage and discipline, but the fact is bondage is very safe if done correctly and properly. The truth is it can bring pleasure and a great sensation to those who experience it.

For a more elaborating experience why not try objects such as cages, collars, handcuffs or muzzles in your next bondage session.

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