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Group Sex (Orgies)

Group sex or orgies is the same things. Most commonly occurs at swinging parties and events. As the name implies is involves 4 or more swingers getting together for some heated sex play.

Some swingers consider that group sex is a free for all sex gathering, but the idea of it is that all participant consent to having sex in this forms together. Swingers believes that no swinger should be involved in any sexual activities that they do not wish to, group sex is no exceptional.

Out of any swingers’ encounter, orgies or group sex can be the most thrilling. This is because the involvement of numerous people. Orgies and group sex can also turn you into the center of attention at any one time and have countless of people pleasing you. Group sway where people move from one partner to another throughout the evening is also commonly seen during orgies and group sex.

Either way group sex or orgies parties are the ultimate swingers’ experience that you and your partner cannot miss.

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